Make Your Own Beer

Beer Making

Batches yield approximately 5 gal of beer (50 bottles), and cost $200 per session. All standard ingredients, services, and supplies are included. Custom labels are available; the price for labels is $40.

Beer Styles

We stock ingredients to make several styles of beer, as described below:

Beer Making Options

You may choose any of these options, or special order ingredients ahead of time to make nearly any style of beer. Each batch of beer can be adjusted to your taste.

Cork Light
A mild lager, with much more flavor than the typical light beer. Refreshing and smooth.


English Brown Ale
Medium bodied, dark, yet not heavy. Smooth and flavorful.


American Pale Ale
Hoppy, yet not bitter, with hints of grapefruit.


India Pale Ale
Hoppy, mildly bitter, medium bodied.


Belgian Saison
Medium-Light bodied, with complex floral notes and citrus.


Belgian Gold
Medium bodied, high-gravity, yet smooth, for a beer with 8% ABV.


Belgian Dark
Medium-full bodied, dark, high-gravity, high alcohol (12%). Definitely a sipping beer.


Whiskey Oat Stout
Grandpa's favorite! Possibly our most popular beer. Dark, heavy, smooth. Made like the diet of champions: starting with oats, then hints of coffee and chocolate...ending with the gentle kick of whiskey.

Beer Making Process:

1. Contact us to schedule a time to brew. Note that brewing takes 3-4 hours.

2. Choose a style of beer. Taste a few, if you need help deciding. Let us know if you want custom labels.

3. Brew the beer (bring friends or a good book to enjoy while you wait).

4. Let the beer ferment on site, for 2-4 weeks. Schedule your return to bottle.

5. Return, and bottle. This process takes about 1.5 hours, and its easier and more fun with friends.

6. Let your beer condition for two weeks in the bottle at room temperature, then enjoy!

7. Repeat steps 1-7....